Our mission is to provide “interventions that make a difference” for you and your stakeholders. To deliver on our mission, we provide these strategically focussed consulting services:

To deliver the appropriate people outcomes that support your organisational strategy, OCS will guide you through the steps to create your Strategic Human Resources Management Plan. For organisations with a Human Resources Division, this will provide the framework for this division to maintain or enhance its status as a strategic business partner.

Ensuring your people have the capability to deliver your business and Human Resource Management Strategy is the outcome of working with OCS.  Having that capability with the optimal use of resources will also result. This may include Talent and Succession Management described below.

Providing your organisation with the right talent at the required time, is the outcome of working with OCS in this area. OCS has been assisting organisations in this area for twenty years. Current management literature has promoted the importance of effective talent management. Beyond the current popularity of this work, OCS will adapt proven methods to the unique needs of your organisation. The result will be a talent and succession method that will optimise your longer-term organisational success.

Improving the business outcomes of change initiatives, including employee engagement, is the value that Organisational Capability Solutions (OCS) brings to your organisation. Research continues to highlight that the majority of change projects under-deliver on their intended or expected returns. By preparing change management plans, up-skilling middle managers and the executive team in successful change leadership, and leading and facilitating workshops with affected stakeholders, we will support you to significantly improve the success of your change project.

Better financial, customer, employee and community performance is what OCS will deliver to your organisation through our approach to leadership. The type of leadership all organisations need can vary greatly. OCS has a deep understanding of the many aspects of leadership and is able to identify the leadership needs of your organisation. From building leadership development frameworks, to designing and delivering leadership development solutions, OCS will deliver a leadership solution that enhances the outcomes of your business.

Delivering improved business performance and optimal use of learning resources is the result of OCS working with you. You know you need to develop your people, but where do you start? Not sure what development is right for your organisation at this point in time? OCS is equipped to design and implement frameworks and processes, enabling the appropriate development of your people so as to enhance the outcomes of your organisation.

Clarity of the business impact your intervention is having will be the outcome of working with OCS to evaluate your people intervention. Our approach will give you the evidence so you can either be confident the intervention is having the desired impact or, you will have insight into what aspect of the intervention requires refinement to achieve the desired impact.

Accessing the greater potential of your people, hence significantly improving performance, is the value of this work. Your needs may range from enabling the proven highly talented people to perform to even higher levels, to supporting people to attain the standard your organisation requires. With skilled coaching practitioners applying proven coaching processes, OCS will deliver this outcome. Where appropriate, OCS utilises psychological instruments including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, LSI, and the Integral Development suite of 360 degree tools.

Improving performance of individuals, teams and the organisation is what OCS will deliver. OCS customises performance management systems, adapts existing systems, and up-skills people in optimising the execution of your performance management system.

A diversity program that supports your organisation's goals and strategies is the outcome of OCS working with you. OCS is experienced at developing and executing diversity strategies and plans. Where part of this strategy is the training of your people, OCS can assist you to identify the areas of training need, and how to deliver that need.

Sustainable improved 'Sales Performance' will be the result of engaging with OCS. By taking a holistic view of all he factors that impact on the behaviour and performance of all staff involved in sales, you will see the creation of an environment and culture where staff are focussed on and deliver improved sales.

While training in sales skills may be part of the solution, other initiatives including structural change, role redefinitions, developing sales leadership skills, coaching skills and modification of remuneration systems are also likely to be part of the holistic solution.

A cohesive and robust team that is aligned with, and focused on the goals of your organisation is the outcome of working with OCS. We can identify individual needs of your team(s) to achieve this outcome, and then provide the appropriate level of support in order to execute the actions required.