Health Corporate Network Western Australia

Working with 3Pillars Asia Pacific

3Pillars Asia Pacific was invited to submit a proposal for the development of a ‘Training Plan’ for Health Corporate Network, which is the shared services division of the health agencies of the Western Australian Government.

Gordon led the process on behalf of 3Pillars Asia Pacific from taking the lead in preparing the proposal that won the work through to the design and delivery of this complex assignment.

The client called this assignment a ‘Training Plan’. For six of their key operational roles covering 185 employees, they required the development of:

  • A detailed job skills analysis
  • Detailed competency statements for each of the skills
  • Learning outcomes for each of the skills
  • The design of the learning sequence required for each of the roles
  • Detailed resources plan to enable the development of the staff in these roles to the required proficiency.

Gordon was highly effective in engaging with the senior managers sponsoring the project.  Working with the sponsors, Gordon established a governance process for the project and developed the detailed project plan.

The project involved application of a range of consulting processes including one-on-one interviews, focus groups and content building workshops.  As well as delivering a high quality technical product, the methodology created a readiness amongst the employees and managers impacted by implementation of the “Training Plan”.

The “Training Plan” was well received and adopted by the client. 

Gordon’s delivery of a successful outcome on this project was based primarily on his skills in managing and supporting the stakeholders, applying appropriate governance and management to a project of this nature, and extensive experience in all elements of capability development. 

Jon Wilson
3Pillars Asia Pacific