St John Ambulance

I am delighted to provide this testimonial for the work of Gordon Brockway and his company, Organisational Capability Solutions.

On taking over as the new Director, I recognised that the highly capable team I had inherited could be even more effective if we could enhance the capability in our team relationships

I had worked with Gordon before with great outcomes so I asked him to come and meet with my leadership team to explore what our options were.  Gordon listened intently and grasped the nuances of our issues.  He worked through a few options with the leadership team and developed an ownership with this senior group of the approach to be taken.

We had limited time for Gordon to work with our people. He gained their trust and engagement quickly.  He guided the team through a series of processes that created the shared understanding of what our team was here for and how we would work together to deliver to our varied internal and external clients.

I could tell on the day the program had gone well.  The evaluation results strongly confirmed what I had intuitively recognised during the program.

The team building day attended by 40 of our people, operating in different functional areas, resulted in a fuller appreciation of the broader work done by the finance team and an understanding of how the work in one area impacted on another. We specifically worked in small teams during the day made up of cross-functional staff. This provided a great opportunity for stronger relationships to be forged and the sustained improvement in the team. 

KPIs in the weeks and months following the exercise provided tangible proof of the success of the day.

Gordon is a consummate professional who had planned the day down to the last detail and yet was flexible enough allowed valuable, sometimes off topic, discussions to play out. I look forward to working with Gordon in the future.

Clinton Bright
Finance and Administration Director
St John Ambulance