Department of Agriculture and Food, WA

I am very pleased to provide this testimonial for the work of Gordon Brockway and his company, Organisational Capability Solutions.

Gordon has assisted our department on a number of occasions but he is best known for a highly complex assignment related to our scientific and technical employee-promotion system known as Criteria Progression.

The system had been in effect for decades and served our department reasonably well. Working with Gordon we recognised the system was focused on the inputs and outputs and missed the opportunity to focus on the personal impact made by our people and therefore the contribution made by the individual to the achievement of our department’s strategic objectives.  This was a significant paradigm shift.

Gordon utilised a range of consultative processes in developing an impact based assessment system. This included facilitating one-to-one interviews, a series of focus groups and working with a steering committee to determine those factors that would have the desired impact on the achievement of our objectives. Gordon skillfully developed these into a range of criteria each with different levels of delivery supported by an associated point allocation system.  Gordon then developed a sophisticated model and method to determine the threshold level of points that needed to be attained for an individual to be able to ‘progress’ to the next promotional level. 

Working with Gordon resulted in a promotion system that aligns, encourages and rewards behaviours from staff that support our department’s strategic direction.

Gordon further demonstrated his value by developing and delivering the rollout communications program to our managers and staff statewide.  This was a well-executed communication strategy, skillfully delivered.

The end result has been the development and deployment of a fully workable and highly accepted promotion system that is clearly enabling our department to achieve its objectives and one that engages our staff in our success.

Kim Waller
Director – People Strategy and Operations