Working with 3Pillars Asia Pacific

I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial for the work of Gordon Brockway and his company, Organisational Capability Solutions. I have worked with Gordon on a number of occasions and continue to do so.

3Pillars Asia Pacific was engaged by Aurizon (Formerly Australian Railroad Group) to develop and deliver a comprehensive leadership development program for their first line supervisors in Western Australia.  Gordon agreed to lead and deliver this initiative on behalf of 3Pillars Asia Pacific.  Gordon picked up the program from the point of a preliminary needs analysis.  Gordon engaged actively and effectively with a broad group of managers to complete the needs analysis.  A conceptual design was then developed and gained Executive approval.

Gordon developed and delivered 8 out of the 14 days of workshop-based development for the program and designed a variety of action learning processes in addition to the workshop sessions.  Gordon delivered these modules to over 70 frontline supervisors for a large variety of backgrounds.

Gordon worked with the various line managers to ensure relevance or, and support for, the content of the program.  Gordon engaged with the senior-line and staff managers and with great effect and involved them in the delivery of relevant sections of the program.

A key factor in the success of the program was Gordon’s commitment to the learning of the group, which included supporting participants to engage in the learning process, as well as appropriately confronting and addressing non-constructive behaviours and engaging openly with periods of group resistance to learnings and behaviour changes.  Gordon’s approach was totally appropriate to what was required.

Through Gordon’s strong values-based approach, insights into the organisation, deep understanding of the skills required of the participants, and considerable facilitation skills, Gordon won the highest respect of the participants and all program stakeholders. 

Jon Wilson
3Pillars Asia Pacific