Building Teams and Feedback

In the May 2010 edition of Capability Matters I provided our perspective on the requirements for an effective team.  In the area of team maintenance processes, I stated the need for effective processes around feedback.  My work has continued in this area and I have found the model below useful.

A quick study of the model I am sure will lead you to the conclusion that feedback operating in the top right hand quadrant, will deliver the more sustainable team and organisation.

While feedback is rarely intended to be hurtful, flippant or disrespectful, (have you ever considered that not giving someone feedback can also be disrespectful?) it often comes across that way. That is, it comes from one of the other three quadrants, usually unintentionally. With guidance, the effectiveness of feedback can be enhanced and the effectiveness of the team significantly enhanced. If you would like to improve the feedback within your team, and therefore your team’s effectiveness, we have some processes and principles that can be of assistance.