Managing Your Workplace Climate to Enable Improved Performance in Safety and/or Compliance

Safety is important to all organisations. It is impossible to convey to your staff that you value them if you do not demonstrate that you take the fundamental issue of safety seriously.  The environment in which organisations work does make the management of safety more, or less complex. 

Compliance has varying degrees of importance to organisations or section of them. Consider deposits management in banking versus business development in a marketing enterprise. It typically only comes into focus when something goes wrong. So, what has workplace climate got to do with the concrete issues of safety and compliance?

For many, workplace climate is such a nebulous concept, they simply turn off from the discussion if it comes up. Yet, I find climate is used as the explanation for so many projects or operational factors not meeting targets. This includes safety and compliance. At OCS we are of the view that the impact of workplace climate is very real. If the leadership is serious about achieving organisational goals, then it will actively manage climate.  This is no different to what we do with any other potential enabler or inhibitor to organisational success.  To be fair, the adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” has been a practical limitation on this matter. 

Through one of our partnerships, we can now provide you with the tools to reliably measure these aspects of your workplace. When properly measured, climate factors provide a credible early warning system for safety and compliance issues. Not only will you be able to track over time how your workplace climate is supporting your safety and/or compliance programs, you will be able to identify risks that otherwise bubble away within your organisation, waiting to surface at a suitably troublesome time.

Now you can measure it, you can manage it. If you are serious about safety and/or compliance outcomes, through OCS, you now have the means to manage it.