Tools to Develop Leadership Capability

If you accept the premise from the previous article that leadership development is a good investment, how then do you go about developing your leaders? 

It needs to be specific to the organisation and even the individual.  It would be rare for any quality leadership development program to not include a well-considered 360°-feedback tool. When supported by quality coaching, these tools are very effective at helping leaders confront their own shortcomings and enacting effective change in their leadership behaviours. Equally as important but often overlooked, is the value of affirming the individual’s leadership strengths and supporting the leader to maintain and enhance those strengths. 

The focus of all OCS interventions is to “make a difference to you and your stakeholders” With that firmly in mind, our work at OCS has lead us to three solutions that can assist you in this work by: 

  • Applying the Human Synergistics LSI,
  • Applying the Integral Leadership and Management 360° Profile
  • Developing your own leadership profile and a 360° tool to support it. 

Such tools are only part of any leadership development process. To explore the leadership development needs and solutions for your organisation, you can contact us via the contact details below.