Performance Management

An effective performance management process is integral to maintaining and enhancing employee engagement.  It provides clarity on role and priorities, creates opportunities for communication between employees and their managers, ensures professional and career development opportunities are enunciated and implemented and employees receive feedback on how their manager views their performance.  All are significant to employee engagement.  But how do you ensure managers are applying the process effectively? Most HRMISs allow you to monitor whether the various stages of the performance management process have been completed.  While this is helpful, it doesn’t give any indication as to the effectiveness of the application of the process.  We have had success at assessing this by surveying the employees to whom the manager has applied the process.  The managers have found the process very informative and that it provided significant value to the effectiveness with which they applied the process.  With OCS, you now have available to you the means to assess how effectively your managers are applying your performance management process. For more information contact OCS.