Rewarding and Promoting the Professional and Technical Employee

Of course not all people perform at the same level. Typically, people grow in their capability as their learning and experience deepens and broadens. The value of the outcomes they deliver to the organisation also grows. So how do you recognise this increase in value if you do not promote them in the traditional way?

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Managing Performance

I hope with this short article I can broaden your paradigm about what is performance management.  Generally, I find performance management is thought of as the annual performance appraisal cycle and/or those discussions that are had to address some aspect of underperformance or behaviour we consider misguided.  I recently rediscovered the following definition of performance management which I propose is adopted.

“Performance management is creating a workplace that brings out the best in people while generating the highest value for the organisation.”[1]

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Performance Management

An effective performance management process is integral to maintaining and enhancing employee engagement.  It provides clarity on role and priorities, creates opportunities for communication between employees and their managers, ensures professional and career development opportunities are enunciated and implemented and employees receive feedback on how their manager views their performance.  All are significant to employee engagement.  But how do you ensure managers are applying the process effectively?

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