Rewarding and Promoting the Professional and Technical Employee

Once upon a time good performers were rewarded by promoting them. That promotion involved undertaking a role in management. While today this is a useful strategy in some instances, organisations are facing the reality that: 

  • They do not have the management positions available to promote people to,
  • They do not necessarily want strong professional/technical performers in management roles anyway,
  • Good professional/technical performers may not want management roles, even if the opportunity existed.

Of course not all people perform at the same level. Typically, people grow in their capability as their learning and experience deepens and broadens. The value of the outcomes they deliver to the organisation also grows. So how do you recognise this increase in value if you do not promote them in the traditional way?

Organisational Capability Solutions has been assisting organisations to address this issue. This has been done by moving beyond competency frameworks and developing capability and outcome frameworks that are unique to the organisation and its environment. This approach means employees gain greater clarity of what the organisation values from them. Management can in turn, reward people who are actually delivering the higher value, not just for having a level of competence.

We have been applying this methodology in the public sector to areas where employees are administered by the system of "criteria progression". We can also visualise application in many private sector environments.

If this is a need you have, contact us to discuss the approaches that may be available to you.